Ladies Captains Day

The Captains Day theme was the sea/nautical. 

While Rene was out to catch something!!! Our sea fairing sailors, were ready for action and out to enjoy themselves.  We all know everyone loves a sailor

Those aren't song sheets they are holding. It's the quiz with a difference.  Body parts of women that are present.  Everyone denying it couldn't possible be them in the photos.  . 

Concentrate.  Who do we know that  has feet like that?  I've had a look and they are not mine.

Great food and plenty to drink, this was a fantastic evening.  Thank you Captain Di Disney, and a special thank you to Di's family and all the people who contributed to make this a great day and evening.

Let's not forget the entertainers.They had everyone joining in and roaring with laughter.

The bar was open, the sea was calm and the sun was shining.  It all made for the start of a great day.

While Rene was out to catch something!!

Ladies Captains Day 13th May 2016

Our visiting South African who insisted she had never touched a wood before in her life, won the spider competition.

"I'm here about the fish......  HOW MANY!"

"Aloha Alwen"



Sandra brought her pet parrot. 

Yes Viv, she's a ringer

Captain Di Disney